Some frequently asked questions...

How does this work?

It's magic :) obviously.

And what does that magic mean for you? That magic enables us to suggest new paths and opportunities based on your interests and skills by harnessing the power of data science and machine learning (along with a deft bit of human curation).

What do you do with my data?

All the data you submit is securely held in our database. We don't share it with any third parties.

I've seen my results but want a do-over. Is that possible?

Of course! If you already have a Fondo account, just hit 'Dashboard' at the top of the screen. If you don't have an account yet, press the 'Get Started' button on the home page (but things are way more exciting when you have an account...)

Some of these jobs sounds kinda crazy?

As well as established jobs, we get you ahead of the curve by highlighting emerging jobs that aren't well known right now but have huge potential to be key roles in the near future.

Are these the only jobs that are available to me?

Not at all. We have thousands of possible jobs in our database - what you see is just a small sample to get you started with thinking about new possibilities. We'll be opening access to even more jobs very soon.

Can I talk to someone about a job, skill, or sector?

Yes! Fondo has experts across a wide range of jobs, skills, and industries. Wherever you see an expert listed, just tap on their profile photo to start a conversation.

How do I know which skills I need for a job?

We've included a selection of key skills for each job. As you refine and improve your skills in Fondo, your match to the best-suited jobs for your skills will update automatically (fancy, eh?). If you want to learn more about a particular skill, just click on it. You can also apply to speak to an expert when you're on a skill page.

Why the focus on skills?

Fondo believes the world of work isn't just built on jobs; it's about the skills you practice, develop, and transfer. As soon as you start telling Fondo about yourself, we'll do some magic to provide you with a range of career matches based on your skills. From there on, we'll show you where there's an opportunity to level up your skills to make even more of what you've already got.

How do badges work?

Fondo Badges are based on accomplishment, along with a few extra rewards related to how much you explore and discover.

The four categories of Badges are:

  • Skill Badges: for completing items related to a particular skill
  • Achievement Badges: for earning a certain number of badges, or attaining a certain streak
  • Award Badges: for completing special one-off activities
  • Completion Badges: for completing other activities in Fondo, like referring a friend or updating parts of your profile

If you're on a Fondo Basic plan, you'll quickly hit a ceiling on the level of badges. Fondo Premium users have access to more levels, as well the opportunity to unlock additional Achievement, Award and Completion badges.

You can view all available and earned badges from your Dashboard.

Why should I upgrade?

Fondo Premium unlocks access to a bunch of features not available in the Free plan. Simple as that. Check out the features of each plan on the Upgrade page.

Although Fondo's Free plan is obviously pretty awesome, going Premium takes things to a whole new level. You'll be able to see a far more comprehensive view of your career outlook and you'll get access to a more-extensive network of experts.

I'm an expert! How can I get listed on Fondo?

Each job, skill, and sector in Fondo has a link where you can self-identify as an expert, or you can let us know about your expertise here.

I love the imagery throughout Fondo! Where's it from?

The icons used in the Career Explorer quiz are made by Freepik, licensed via Creative Commons 3.0, and the upgrade images are from Flaticon.

Other icons throughout the site are part of the Materialize design framework.

Images used on our job, skill, and industry pages are from Unsplash. Find out more about Unsplash here.

The Fondo team have made the other graphics :)

How can I get in touch?

Email us at: [email protected]