"You sold them on Depop, then on eBay, and again on GOAT? And you've made your own Shopify theme! Whoa, when it comes to ecommerce you're the next Bezos!"

While eCommerce hasn’t traditionally been considered a specific skill, each of its component parts certainly are, and the resulting skill set of eCommerce is one we see being of increasing importance. eCommerce skills include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), being able to analyze data around sales and traffic, selecting vendors such as software developers or fulfillment houses, branding, and communication. Individuals with eCommerce skills are able to blend the art of design and communication with the science of analysis and optimization.

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The world of e-Commerce brings new opportunities and challenges for your business. It helps you sell to more consumers all over the world, with more products and services. You can be open to online shoppers 24-7, 365 days a year. But, factor in high levels of competition. And, factor in set-up and integration with key systems like digital marketing, supply chain, IT and customer service.

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